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smart_clothes_and_wearable_technology.jpgOur first wearable electronic book introduction for 2009 is: Smart clothes and wearable technology, ready for pre-order now and becomes available end of this week.

Smart clothes and wearable technology is a collaboration between J. McCann from University of Wales Newport and D. Bryson from University of Derby, UK.

The authors investigate in four parts the emerging area of research within the fashion and textile industry by providing a comprehensive review of the wearer’s requirements, the technologies and materials available for the design and production of smart clothing.

Much research and creativity has been done into wearable technologies but this book promises to look into ‘wearablilty‘ and ‘manufacturability‘ as well.

Wearability is often challenged when it comes to wearable electronic or interactive fashion. I am not claiming to know what have to be done to make interactive fashion ‘wearable’ for consumers as wearability in the context of ‘what and how to wear’ is as colorful and diverse as the population is on our planet – with or with out integrated technology.

Getting another view via this book should at least enable us to increase the understanding of what should be done to increase the acceptance of interactive fashion in future.

The four chapters of the book include:
Part one assesses the design and materials for smart clothing and wearable

Part two then examines the general requirements for smart textiles, such as the
health requirements for wearable technologies.

Part three reviews the types of technologies available for the development of
smart clothing

Part four concludes with a discussion of the manufacture of smart garments.

Co-author Jeane McCann who leads the Textile Institute’s Special Interest Group (SIG) in Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology at the University of Wales, has extensive experience and knowledge in the wearable electronic domain which makes this book a ‘must read’ for all involved or interested into wearable electronic.

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