Equalizer T-Shirt hacking

T_Shirt_hack.jpgInstructables member Mikey Berman points out that Equalizer T-Shirt come with rather simple, underpowered microphones which are usually inside the box that hold also the batteries. This little box is inside pocket on the T-Shirt making it quite insensitive to pick up all sounds around.

Those EQ T-Shirts have also no provision to connect an MP3 player to feed the equalizer with your own mood songs to visualize your mood.

Mikey came up with a cool Equalizer T-Shirt hack showing a simple and cheap way to hack into your Equalizer T-Shirt, expanding the connectivity to hook up any audio source and add better quality microphones or an label mic which is attached to your collar, pickup up your voice better for visualization on the EQ display.

Hacking electronics is as old as electronics itself. Hacking clothing is rather new but will become more common and fun with the emergence of wearable electronic products.

Hacking is basically a different term of personalization and personalization is an important element in fashion – right?!


  1. Well show us how to hack douche bag!.. what a useless post without hacking instructions..

  2. What’s the point of all that? An interesting sounding post, with no link to the instructions on how to do what he’s talking about. duh!

  3. This is just a quick comment for the retard, supreme pink taco, Try clicking on the bold type that says “Equaliser T Shirt Hack” and you will be magically directed to the hack, god it took me all of 5 seconds to work that one out, while you are on the instructables site, see if there are instructables for increasing IQ and improving manners, i think you need both….douche bag!!!

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