Smart Fabrics conference 2009 is around the corner

Smart_Fabrics_2009.jpgThe 5th Smart Fabrics conference is just around the corner, taking place between March 10-12 at the Holiday Inn Rome West Hotel in Rome, Italy.

IntertechPira established with the annual Smart Fabrics conference a strong basis for the wearable electronic community back in 2005 which is expending every year since then.

One can observe a core group of individuals, organizations and companies participating every year forming the basis and core value of this event.

The advantage of having a strong foundation provided by this regular participants creates a stable environment to which new members can look up and grow in this field.

The value of participation is manifold: refreshing relations and information exchange with the established community and getting ‘exposed’ to new and fresh ideas from first time contributors and visitors to this event.

The rich mix of diverse participants and various topics covered will create a vibrant atmosphere which can lead to new insights, possibly new cooperation’s and partnerships.

If you haven’t registered yet, it’s time now to put the Smart Fabrics conference into your agenda and sign up.

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