iPod ready Backpack by Wed’ze

iPod_backpack.jpgWed’ze has next to the gorgeous looking Ride and Jump snow boarding jacket with integrated iPod controls another top-gear for snowboarders that allows the easy control of the iPod during the action ride.

The FR 9 Backpack SBS Audio is a top quality and top looking backpack which connects to any iPod to keep it inside safely to change the tunes or volume with gloved hands from the outside.

Another outstanding feature of this backpack is the removable back protection  allowing the adjustment of the backpack to the needs and situation it is used.

Materials used like 600 D fabric, 3D mesh, Ypalon® strap reinforcement, thermoformed polyurethane foam give s sturdy yet flexible enough structure to follow the movement while in action.

A number of compartments for shovel, probe, hydration system ensures there is enough room for all the snowboarders or skiers essentials needed up on the mountains.

We couldn’t find an online shop for this great backpack but we have a link for UK readers which can find a dealer near by. The retail price can be as low as £ 49.95 ($71.22). Too bad this backpack is not available in the US.

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