Interactive Fashion collection from Angel Chang

Angel_Chang_Ingeractive_Fashion.jpgNew York-based fashion designer Angel Chang continued her interactive fashion exploration by adding more technology inspired styles to her autumn 2008 collection.

After graduation Angel Chang started working as a design assistant at Donna Karan Collection and collaborated in the design studios of Viktor & Rolf and Marc Jacobs before she launched her own design label, Angel Chang, with her Spring 2007 collection, her first exploration into the interactive fashion world.

Her autumn 2008 collection include several models using different technologies as interactive style element.

The first model I want to single out is the Helsinki Duchess Satin Jacket with Glow-in-the-Dark fabric which has audio speakers integrated into the hood and style elements that glow up in the dark, transforming the appearance of the printed design on the jacket.

Heated clothing makes it to the runway with the London & Helsinki Herring Bone Cashmere Vest, a stylish battery powered heated vest with anti-microbial silver nylon lining.

The third model in my list is the London & Helsinki Herring-Bone ski pants with MP3 remote controls discretely incorporated into the design.

Other models in her collection use temperature sensitive ink printing (like in her first collection). The world map on the Sleeved Top changes the color in the area where a finger is touching it to indicate a place. The warmth of the finger initiate the color change in that area leaving a mark (until the temperature equals out again to the surroundings).

Angel Chang’s vision of futuristic fashion, the collaboration with engineers and interactive designers help her to develop the next look for cosmopolitan women.


Angel Chang is one of very few fashion designer pioneering the future of textile technology and fashion design. Her openness to include ‘not so traditional’ elements and technologies in an otherwise very traditional business as fashion is may serve as inspiration and motivation for a new generation of interactive fashion designer.

I do see much more potential for the use of wearable technologies that can enhance the appreance and function of future clothing. Angel Chang’s collection is a improtant step topwards a more freely, more agressive use of new and traditional technologies in textiles and fashion – but it is just the begin.

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