Heated garments made from recycled carbon fiber

Volcanic_heat_garments.jpgHong Kong based Pensonic Technology has developed in close collaboration with the University of Nottingham and Hong Kong University a line of heated garments ranging from jackets and vests for street wear and motorcyclist,  gloves and more.

The uniqueness of Pensonic’s ‘Volcanic Heat range‘ is the use of recycled carbon fibers giving them a second life as high tech clothing. The recycled carbon fiber retain many of the superior heating and electrical properties of its virgin counterparts.

In addition to the use of the recycled carbon fiber for heating elements in clothing, Pensonic is using the same material for textile switches to control not only the heat elements but can also be used to remote-control portable devices like  iPod, GPS and similar products.

The advantage of carbon fiber based heating textiles is the ultra flexibility of the material making it virtually unbreakable and extremely light weight (same weight as conventional textiles).

Using carbon fiber heating elements and fully textile based switches allows the complete and seamless integration of the heating system where there is no need to take out anything other than the battery pack when washing one of these smart heating garments.

Pensinoc’s heated apparels have a thin layer of special nano-material coating which makes the garments waterproof, anti-odor, anti-bacterial and stain resistant.

A lot of know how and technology has been combined into this heart warming garments making you invincible against the harsh winter days.

Pensonic is offering their technology and products to retailers only. Let’s hope these smart heating garments with recycled carbon fibers will find their way to the shop floor in time for next winter season.


  1. One of your vests came into my hands. I discovered that it was wired. I looked it up on the internet, so here I am.

    There was no battery pack with it. How do I get one?

    Sandy Ripley

  2. I have bought one of your electrically heated jackets and was very surprised to see just how small the heating elements are.They appear to be about the size of the palm of my hand and sit just above the kidneys. I have not tried it out in “anger” yet but I was expecting there to be heating ekements all over the back of the jacket. Do you make or supply jackets with a lot more heating area inside it? I am planning on wiring the two heating elements together in series so they will run from a 12volt accessory socket on the back of my boat where I stand and steer it. There will be no problem of an adequate electrical supply and I would like to explore the possibility of adding more elements inside the jacket. Can you please supply me with further heating elements or alternatively do the job for me? As a further alternative can you tell me where I can obtain some of these elements? Regards, Terry Stanton

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