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Lightup_purse.jpgWe have covered quite a few purses and bags lighting-up the inside when opened to make it easier in finding all the little but important things inside, especially during night time.

Alison Lewis editor & producer of Switch, a blog about innovative design, fashion and topics from a female perspective, shows how to make a smart and simple lightning system which can be used to upgrade any purse or bag with interior light.

The project ‘Make A Light Up Purse‘ uses corrugated plastic which is sometimes used as packing material but can also be found it art stores. LEDs are placed on either side where the board has the open canals. Sending light through the milky corrugated plastic diffuses and guides the light along the sheet making a simple yet very sophisticated looking light source for your purse.

The corrugated board is kind off semi-stiff allowing it to bend a little with the movement of the purse without breaking the light panel. Detailed DIY instructions and material needs can be found under this link to her project site.

I love the use of relatively simple materials and transforming them into a useful, cute looking product – a brilliantly bright idea.

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