Soft Circuit Workshop

Soft_Circuit.jpgFor inspiring e-textile designer and DIY enthusiasts: Feb. 22. should be marked in your calender that is – if you live in or around LA.

Syuzi Pakhchyan will unleash her creativity in Soft Circuit design during the ‘Soft Circuit Workshop

The first half of the workshop will give an overview of different conductive textiles and threads available commercially as well as a demo of a variety of soft switches, sensors and controls.

The second part of the workshop will start by deconstructing an electronic toy and using some of the parts to create, to make it a wearable object by using soft circuit techniques introduced earlier in the class.

Syuzi is the author of ‘Fashioning Technology: A DIY Intro to Smart Crafting’, a fabulous book around our favorite topic, inspiring and packed with practical information which can be followed easily.

Next to her book, Syuzi is also running the online community ‘fashioning technology‘ introducing works about and around ‘technology made fashionable’ providing a wealth of information for the ‘smart crafting community’.

It’s a great place to learn about happenings in the wearable electronic world and a fixed member of our news reader list.

To register for the ‘Soft Circuit Workshop’ or to find out more details about the Workshop hit this link.

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