Fashionable heated ProGression jacket

Winter is not over yet and the cold is still biting people for a while that’s why looking around for additional sources of warmth might be a good idea.

ProGression_heated_jacket_women.jpgHeated clothing, a hot item this winter season where many brands launched their latest designs has been joined by Miles Fashion from Germany.

Their new ProGression® product range for wearable electronics and smart fashion  is the latest brand to expand the heated clothing collection to make our life more comfortable.

The ProGression® is exceptional stylish looking although designed for active sports the soft shell don’t just help you cut a good figure when skiing, golfing, angling, riding, hiking or cycling. They are great for anyone who spends time outdoors in low temperatures – wind, cold or rain.

The heated hybrid fabric integrated in the jacket is made up of polyester and metal mono filaments. Each conductive mono filament is individually insulated. The fabric is therefore fully washable while simultaneously ensuring optimum wearer safety.

Using a single switch control integrated into the jackets and conveniently located next to the pocket, the temperature of the heated back panel can be regulated easily.

The heated Jackets and Vests for men and women are windproof, breathable, water and dirt-repellent next to the integrated heated hybrid fabric and micro-processor temperature control.

The included power source will warm you for up to 5 hours and offers 5 different settings for optimum temperature adjustments.

Available directly by ProGression, the jacket is selling for Euro 349,00 ($452.00) a small price for staying warm in style.

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