Zegna Freeway JKT

Zegna_Freeway_JKT.jpgZegna‘s Spring/Summer 2009 Sport collection fuses sport inspired design with urban style and technological innovations.

Innovative design and performances are the DNA to the Zegna Sport ethos which has seen in the past seasons gorgeous looking jackets with iPod and Bluetooth controls or Solar panels in the collar to get some extra juice for cell-phones.

The cutting edge innovation this season is the ‘Freeway Jacket’, and is according to Zegna ‘designed to improve safety in urban outdoor travel situations for maximum night time visibility’. Now I would not necessarily see it as ‘safety feature’ but as a cool style element and attention magnet while strolling around in the city.

Zegna is adding technology in heir high end / high tech collection in modular form: attaching versus integrating. Like with the Solar Jacket last season, the Freeway Jacket’s light element can and needs to be taken out of the jacket during the cleaning of the jacket.

The power for the light element comes from an Li-ion power pack which can supply sparkling light for 25 hours on maximum visibility or up to 250 hours on low glow setting. The power pack can serve as a backup charger for cell phones in case a cell phone call is more important than the light element.

The Freeway JKT is made of a water repellent fabric with a breathable finishing process that guarantees water protection and keeps body temperature constant while allowing perspiration to escape.

The cost of the Freeway JKT will be around $845.00, sure not the cheapest interactive jacket on the market but in line with Zegna’s collection.

Zegna is one of the few fashion brands that continuously explore the wearable electronic possibilities in high end fashion. Although I wished the integration would be more seamless. Having to take out the light element is for sure not convenient or sexy. The available wearable technologies could make this style element fully integrated and not just attached.

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