Eco-friendly, solar charging bags

Echarger_Solar_bags.jpg Echarger, a small UK based company is offering a nice range of solar charging bags for every occasion ranging from business bags, messenger to back bags and pouches, all equipped with a solar energy converting module.

Although Echarger is using the sort of stiff solar panels which I am not particularly exited about as they to not allow a seamless and unobtrusive integration compared to flexible solar panels I do like the design of their solar charging bag collection.

Many different adapter come with the bags allowing to make the charging connection with most of the portable devices on the market ranging from cell-phones, PDAs, many audio player, game consoles and GPS units. A included power pack stores the suns energy and gives it off when needed.

Great, or should I say small, is the cost of Echarger’s bags, ranging between $50.00 to $78.00 but unfortunately Echarger’s online shop says they are ‘out of stock’ at the moment.

If you look forward to the sun rich season and care a bit for the environment, these solar charging bags might be just what you have been waiting for: good design, lots of connectors and a very favorable price tag.

A word of caution: do not expect solar charging bags (all of them) will make you completely power-grid independent. These bags charge nicely smaller devices while in the sun and collect some energy during other times useful to top off a cell-phone but won’t give enough power to talk all day long.


  1. Wow only $50 for solar charge bag. Thats not at all costly and I want to see how long they will take to charge a Nokia fully featured mobile hand sets or an iPod to full battery.

    I am keeping an eye on their online stock and will order one when they will have. Do they accept order now and will deliver later on after receiving the money.

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