grooveRider Shirt for iPod and the perCushion from Urban Tool

urbantool_women.jpg Urban Tool, an innovative Austrian company dedicated to Wearable Electronic, shows their latest products during the CeBIT 2007 in Hannover (Germany).

We have posted about the iPod Shirt ‘grooveRider‘ some time ago but now Urban Tool launches worldwide a Limited 1st edition, according to their website, during the CeBIT.

The grooveRider iPod Shirt is the absolute best looking Wearable Electronic garment we have seen so far, just gorgeous. Our dream is to get one of those soonest for a test drive and to show off – big time.

The iPod control buttons are fully integrated into the Shirt based on Eleksen technology we guess as Eleksen is mentioned as a partner on Urban Tool’s Website, the headphone connector is conveniently located on the upper part of the chest near the collar (nice for the cable management), and has a neat pocket to store the iPod. Perfect design. Needless to say, the grooveRider Shirt is fully washable.

The grooveRider is available in a women and men style. It cost around $ 150.- which is very much OK for such good looking Shirt.

perCushion.jpgUrban Tool is also showing on the CeBIT the perCushion that should bring us back to the time before we loaded ourselves with all the communication gadgets and lost the personal communication tough with our loved ones like closeness, warmth and emotional contact.

The perCushion is designed to give us, via another gadget, back the ability of have such intimidate contact to friends and loved ones.

perCushion realizes this by combining emotional design and materials and stuff the latest advancements in technology into the cushion.

The soft and haptic digital cushion connects wirelessly via Bluetooth with your mobile phone (lying somewhere in your room) while you relax on your sofa and talk with your loved ones while cuddling in (or with) the perCushion for optimal relaxation.

Sounds like a good idea to us but if this would be combined with the technology used in the Hug Shirt from CuteCircuit, the pleasure of emotional communication would be even more elevated.

Urban Tool is working on the production for the perCushion and planes to bring it to the market in 2008.


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