DIY – Valentines heart brooch

LilyPad_open_heart.jpg Becky Stern made acute little DIY project last year combining the LilyPad Arduino and the ‘Open Heart’ DIY project from Jimmie Rogers.

Jimmie developed not only the ‘Open Heart’ hardware, he created an excellent simulation and programming software which allows you to design the heart animation via his online tool in an easy way and once you are happy with your creation the online tool allows you to download the programming code for the Arduino.

The Open Heart kit is available via the MakerShed as well as the LilyPad Arduino.

Becky describes in her Instructables how do sandwich the LilyPad and the Open Heart together and connect it to a LilyPad power module. With the instruction of both DIY experts you can create your own sweet little Valentines heart for your loved one.

I can imaging to create a fabric cover that conceals a bit the technology and blur a little the LEDs pixelated appearance.

After all, giving a bit of a soft touch makes the magic and this is all about we care here on talk2myShirt – the soft, magical touch.

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