Solar fashion bags at a great discount

Noon_solar_bags.jpg Noon‘s handmade solar bags radiate elegance and luxury. Carefully selected biodegradable materials, hand dyed with natural substances which are non-toxic using chemical free processes, give Noon’s solar bag collection an elusive tough.

The use of soft, flexible solar panels add little weight to a fabulous highly environmental hugging bag that give that little luxury, that little more convenience to your lifestyle of having that little extra juice when most needed to top up your personal devices while on the go.

All these goodies have its price but Noon solar is helping the environmental cautiousness fashionistas by offering a real great discount: by using the magic word ‘40SALE‘ at the checkout your discount will be 40%, yeah that’s right 40% discount of any gab in the collection.


Sure, there a cheaper solar charging bags around that do a great job as well in collecting and converting solar energy into power for our gadgets but Noon solar bags have that little touch which sets them apart when it comes to a gorgeous solar fashion look.

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