Pong T-Shirt

3G – geeky and great for the gaming enthusiast !

tabletennisshirt_anim.gifThe Animated Pong T-Shirt got to be the geekiest T-Shirt ever, what better way to show your love of retro gaming than displaying an animated game of pong on you chest.

It’s a cool idea and we can imagine that on some accessions you might want/love to have such T-Shirt.

Maybe for your next public computer gaming shoot-out or you want to get yourselve tuned into a gaming  session at home or just to catch some ‘ohhh’ and ‘ahhh’ when walking down the street with this shirt.

In whatever way you want to use it, it will definitely secure you the attention from the crowed around you.

The display is based on EL-technology that means low light conditions are favorable when you show off your Pong Shirt.

Product Features

  • Dark Gray 100% Cotton T-Shirt
  • Display is removable (attached with Velcro) for easy washing
  • Battery Pack is concealed in a small pocket sewn inside the T-Shirt
  • Runs for hours off two AAA Batteries

What would make this the absolute winner would be the possibility to interact, actually play a round of pong but this might be in the upgrade version 2.0 – just kidding.

You can buy the Pong T-Shirt for $ 24.99 by thinkgeek.com

[via: Gizmodo.com]


  1. Hi Footiam,
    not yet, I mean in the shirt business, but if you have something which has some sort of electronic functions in it the yeah you get in tough with me, I can help to get your business moving 😉

  2. This shirt is no longer at think geek :(
    (i wish it were!)

    I got it from t-qualizer.biz, but their customer service is horroble!
    My t-shirt is making a high-pitched static sound though, does yours do this also?

  3. hi Carly, I have a couple of these EL T-Shirts (but not the Pong shirt) and they do not exhibit a high pitch sound although I guess it can happen when the converter electronic (in the battery box) is not properly designed as I have seen EL-products that make such noise.

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