Cool iPod ready jacket from Kolon Sport

Kolon_Sport_iPod_Jacket.jpg Kolon Sport is a Korean based company recognized for their high performance, high-tech outerwear which helps explorers to pioneer the untouched corners of nature in style.

By introducing the ‘Smart Series‘ jacket Kolon Sport is challenging the interactive fashion world with a high performance and high-tech fashion product for the coming winter season.

Fusing innovation and music to double the fun in the great outdoors and to help explorers to stay focused, Kolon integrated the iPod controls into the sleeve making the actions of taking out, hitting a button, putting back the iPod into the pocket – obsolete.

Kolon uses e-textile fabric for iPod control allowing a seamless, soft integration into the jacket.

The ‘Smart Series’ jacket is made from Gore-Tex fabric resulting in a light weight, water resistant and breathable jacket.

The use of waterproof zippers give optimum protection to the pockets and for the wearer.

A dedicated iPod pocket has special inner-lining blocking electromagnetic radiation to protect the wearer (for all those concerned about) electronic-smog. I personally question this feature as the ‘radiation’ of an iPod is very, very little compared with cellphones.

No price is set yet but one thing is for sure: the ‘Smart Series’ from Kolon Sport looks cool.


  1. This one is proving how Ipod is becoming more and more popular day by day. I never seen that any company have made a jacket on any appliances so that this will be easy to use.

    Ipod certainly bring the revolution to every where.

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