QIO Systems launches PANiQ, the first wearable consumer electronic brand

PANiQ_Controller.jpg QIO Systems, one of the leader in wearable electronic, announced the launch of its PANiQ wearable electronics system making PANiQ the world’s first wearable consumer electronics brand.

‘We are building the next generation of wearable electronics and interactive fashion at QIO Systems,’ says QIO Systems Co-founder and President, John Collins.

While QIO and PANiQ work closely with apparel brands and manufacturer to get the wearable technology integration perfectly made, the comprehensive modular program PANiQ is offering now allows consumer to select and choose the functions needed and wanted.

The most exiting aspect of the PANiQ system is that consumer not only can choose to connect an iPhone, iPod or BT phone, they can also choose from a range of different, colorful module designs to fit better their personality and style taste.

At PANiQ’s launch the PANiQmode products include apparel manufacturers ranging from urban styles, to sportswear, to leisure and business-wear.

What this means: through the PANiQ online shop one can browse and select the different modules with prices ranging from as low as $19.99 for the iPod controller up to 79.99 for an iPhone or BT controller. But this ‘one-stop-shop’ from PANiQ let you browse and order selected interactive apparel from different brands. Last but not least, you can even buy earbuds fitting to your selected style at the same place.


John Collins also highlights the advantages PANiQ gives to apparel brands: ‘PANiQ changes the game by making wearable electronics affordable and achievable for brands across all segments. The PANiQ program gives fashion and sportswear manufacturers the luxury to stay focused on their core competence of fashion, and leaves PANiQ to manage the rest.’

Highly interesting is the following remark: ‘PANiQ lets apparel manufacturers enter the burgeoning wearable electronics segment for as little as $5′.

Click over to this new, colorful and exiting place to check out for yourself all those goodies and stay tuned for more detailed news after we have digested the wealth of information coming in from PANiQ.

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  1. Well done, QIO Systems, you just thwarted my efforts to build a brand. Very soon, Google is going to get flooded by news posts, blog posts and shop sites, and something that used to be a clean result list of about 10 pages full of references to my work becomes a pile of shit.

    Everybody who hears about my music will now go “ah, like those jackets?”. The T-Shirts that I have sold will now become some kind of stupid advertising billboards for an iPod accessory.

    Now what do I do?

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