Wearable Electronics – The Next Big Break-through for Outdoor Apparel?


One of the biggest Outdoor / Snow Sports fashion trade shows the ‘SIA 09‘ will open it’s doors on Jan. 27 and running until Jan 30 in Las Vegas.

SIA is a giant annual biz conference for the snow industry where the big and innovative snow companies reveal their new gear to be released the following season.

It give a sneak peek what the trendsetter will wear next winter season. So it is not a big surprise to find a dedicated section for the highest innovations in outdoor apparels: Wearable Electronics and Interactive Fashion.

Especially outdoor, ski and snowboard apparel have driven many of the past years technological advancements in the clothing industry. They regularly create upward ‘inflection points’ in the industry ranging from heavy wool and cotton garments to highly technical pieces tailored toward each activity and individual and moving forward into the realm of performance apparel, wearable electronics, and their influence on outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and sizes.

Wearable Electronics – The Next Big Break-through for Outdoor Apparel?‘ is the seminar title which is held on Jan 27 afternoon session during which a panel of industry leaders and innovators will take a look at how these technologies and advancements will affect the brands and industry.

The panel participants: Hap Klopp, CEO – Ardica Technologies (Founder, The North Face), Michael Corbett – Weel Technologies, Phil Shettig – Director at Spyder, Tom Brady – Director of Integration – SkullCandy and yours truly – Erich Zainzinger – Founder and Editor of talk2myShirt.

If you happen to be in or around Vegas this week drop by SIA and have e look into the future of Interactive Fashion.

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