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Because Wearable Electronic is mainly about merging textiles with electronic and because textiles are the most common material we human beings are in contact with every day in many different forms and situations. Therefore, it is no wonder that sooner or later other products that are not on our bodies but made of textiles, using Intelligent Textile or Smart Fabric technologies, are emerging.

Point in case: International Fashion Machines, short ‘IFM‘, has created light dimmer for your room lightning, based on Electro Textiles.


IFM has a wide range of different colors (see above) and different styles (see blow).


The switches are made from IFM‘s patented electronic textile that magically senses your touch. Gently touch the electronic textile (the silver grey part) and the light changes the intensity like by any other dimmer. But on this switch, you touch a warm, soft material and not a plastic or metal plate.

IMF‘s electronic textile is designed to resist stains, dirt and bacteria. It has anti-microbial and stain resistant treatment and needs no cleaning. Last but not least important: it is made of 90% post consumer recycled materials!

ifm_switch_kit.jpgFor the DIY enthusiasts, IFM is offering – you guessed it, a Do-It-Yourself switch kit to let your fantasy complete freedom.

This DIY possibility is one of the aspects we love very much in the Wearable Electronic: it’s relatively easy to do with very simple ‘every day’ tools and materials except the Smart Fabric, but that is provided by IFM.

The different switches and the DIY-Kit is available directly by IFM and cost $ 99.- each

Unleash the designer inside yourself and give a soft and smart touch to your home.

[via: techwear]

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