Think Geek Mono-Strap Backpack


Dare you get a scratch or nick on your glossy pristine pod? Or heavens… drop your iPod onto hard concrete while fumbling to go to the next track?

Think Geek has launched a new Backpack that guaranties not only the protection of your iPod but also the attention of the people around you.

The iPod Mono-Strap Backpack keeps your iPod safely protected against scratches inside the sleek duratex and fierce 840d nylon exterior. Your hands are then free to work the 5-button ElekTex® Smart Fabric control panel on the strap. You can play or pause your iPod, go to the next or previous track and adjust the volume. A headphone jack on the strap allows you to plug in your ear-buds in a convenient way.

The Backpack has ribbon cable connection integrated which plugs into the dock connector on your iPod. The trendy mono-strap design of this pack will turn heads as you calmly adjust your iPod with a press of the padded strap.

Additional features include a zip compartment in front with plenty of pockets for a phone, PDA, cards, pens keys and accessories and a discreet, side-zip pocket on the back for a wallet. Dual mesh pockets on the sides and a cozy, padded back panel finish it off.

This Backpack can be ordered directly by Think Geek for US$ 99.99

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