The North Face eTip Glove

etip_gloves.jpgThe Wall Street Journal picked up in a recent review by Willa Plank the growing need of high-tech gloves capable to allow the operation of hand held touchscreen devices without having to take off the gloves each time an adjustment or phone call is made.

Among the products reviewed (we had some covered on talk2myShirt last year) the eTip Glove from The North Face jumps into my eyes because of the unique, ‘techie cool’ design.

The circuit pattern on the palms doesn’t have a electronic function as they are made of silicone but they do add smartness to the design as the silicon pattern gives additional grip to avoid your beloved gadgets slipping off your gloved hand.

The touch magic of the gloves comes from X-STATICĀ® fibers which contain a layer of silver giving it the electrical conductivity needed to make contact between the fingers’ skin and a capacitive touch screen sensor.

The eTip Glove was first introduced by The North Face for the winter 2007/08 season but didn’t pick up then as only a few of the now very common portable devices with touch screen existed.

The price on The North Face Website is given at $40.00 but not in stock. We have found an UK online retailer which still has stock (at the time of this writing) for a price of just Ā£20.00 ($27.90)

Either the WSJ article created a run on the eTip Glove or North Face stopped producing them not anticipating the massive emergence of portable devices with touch screen to lead to this shortage now.

In case you want to keep your hands warm but using your ‘touch gadget’ you can go and buy a pair off cool gloves and follow the DIY instruction in Alison Lewis Book ‘Switch Craft’ and make your own Gadget Glove.

[WSJ via bookofjoe]

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