joyshirt_design025_woman.gif2Joy is a German company which designs and sells Joyshirts, cool T-Shirts with EL-decals.

I know, I am addicted to those light-up T-Shirts and always on the lookout for new designs. I don’t like the erratic blinking types although others might just look for such type, and I am looking for fluid patterns not geometrical or with sharp corners.

The style in this photo is my personal favorite out of 2Joy’s collection, just right to light up decently on the next party.

All T-Shirts are in black only made of 100% cotton and they can be hand-washed with the EL-decal on it but the box (roughly size of a cigarette box) containing electronic and batteries has to be taken off before washing.

Some T-Shirt models are ‘sound active’, interacting with the surrounding acoustics like an equalizer moving the light animation in the rhythm of life around you.

2Joy is selling the T-Shirts for €29,80 ($39.00) but ships only inside European Union countries so you will need a friend in Europe to get one over to the States or Asia.

Follow the link to check out the full collection (Site is in German only!)


  1. Hey! I live in asia and i just moved here 2 years ago from Italy. But I am American πŸ˜› I think that it is a product dat is awesom! πŸ˜‰ and I wanna buy it πŸ˜›

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