Leah Buechley – democratization of technology

lilypad.jpgLeah Buechley one of the leading personalities in the DIY wearable electronic field and creator of the unique LilyPad e-textile platform as well as countless DIY instructions to create ‘soft electronics’ gave recently a talk outlining her new task at MIT where she is heading the High-Low Tech Group.

Expanding on her great work in the textile electronic domain, Leah investigates the High-Low Tech from different perspectives like electrifying paper as we have posted about before.

Leah defines low tech for example as wood carving, knitting or painting and in the high tech category things like robotic manufacturing or integrated circuits for example. Another dimension of her investigation is how high-low cultural aspect blend into high-low technologies.

The primary aim of the High-Low Tech Group is to engage diverse audiences in designing and building their own technologies by situating computation in new cultural and material contexts, and by developing tools that democratize engineering.

It has never before been as easy as right now to drive as a user and consumer future product design. This can go as far as creating highly personalized, unique, one-off products by utilizing production techniques and tools accessible from everywhere in the world via the Internet.

Leah’s talk is quite long but full of highly interesting information, informative and provocative, it’s time wisely spend to watch it from the first to the last minute.

[via: Craftzine]

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