Wearable wrist power

wristband_battery.jpgIf you are a professional talker on a cell-phone or walkie-talkie you might be interested into the Wrist Band Portable Battery from Chinavasion.

Although this power wristband might not be something a fashionista want’s to be seen with it might be handy for above mentioned professionals where performance (in this case up to 3 hours additional cellphone use) has higher priority as the looks.

Chinavasion offers wholesale orders but accepts single unit orders as well for $24.84

For that price one gets 7 types of power connectors for the most common portable devices including essential like PSP and DS (so it might be as well useful for the gamers) and the iPod folks can top up the charge as the wristband has a Mini-USB as output port.

A line of 4 LEDs visualize the power load of the wristband which takes 5 hours to recharge via USB.


If all those charging options blow your mind and you put aside your fashion consciousness you better head over to get one.

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