DIY – Moonlit Flower

moonlit_flower.jpgMoonlit Flower‘ is a cute little DIY project created by Korean designer and mother Ji Sun Lee as part of her TechDIY project.

TechDIY is a project for women involving a holistic process of mothers and daughters learning electronics together and sharing this with others.

The Moonlit Flower requires some sewing skills, basic sewing materials like felt, snaps, regular thread and conductive thread, coin cell battery with holder and LEDs. The complete material list with sources where to get them can be found in the Moonlit Flower DIY instructions.

The cutting pattern and a very, very detailed make instruction including countless photos and a video can be found on her blog TechDIY, it can’t get easier to make a cute Moonlit Flower as decoration for your clothing or on a bag or wherever you like to have some soft sparkling, nice to look at style accessory.


Play around with different colors for the felt and LEDs and you get a cute, sparkling and colorful flower bed.

Check out TechDIY for more inspirational work from Ji Sun Lee, work around technology seen from the perspective of mother and daughter.

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