Rocking Bag for the material girl

rocksteady_pink.jpgDo you remember the pre-iPod and MP3 player time? Do you listen on some occasions to music without earphones? If your answer is yes, then you might be familiar with boom boxes.

They where hip and cool not so long time ago but they are soo yesterday now.

Thanks to the creativity of Lifepod of New York and some Wearable Electronic spirit, boom boxes have transformed to the more fashion consciousness lifestyle of today.

The Lifepod Rock Steady Stereo Beat Bag is one example specifically for the girls. This bag takes 4 AA batteries and is compatible with any MP3 player but also works with your beloved and chic iPod. As much as this bag sounds so cool (literally), the sound will not be as loud as it was the case with those bulky ‘ghetto blasters’, but you still will have enough power for decent party sound in the park, on the beach or wherever you will want to use such bag.

Oh well, it seems like am awesome idea to use your handbag as a jukebox but think practical, you need a good sized bag when you are out and about and the jukebox part in the bag doesn’t add that much more space to carry around. Better than have an old school boom box in your bag – right?


The Rock Steady Stereo Beat Bag (what an awful name) comes in 4 different colors and is yours for $ 130.- on Lifepod’s online store.

Maybe you don’t call them chic but they are certainly practical if you are into music on the go.

[via: Popgadget]


  1. hey, i’ve been searching everywhere for this bag, the site looks really dodgy and doesn’t seem to work other than re-direct me elsewhere, the bags i’ve seen sold in stores no longer sell there anymore and there used to be a leopardprint one – where can i find one? i also saw a crocodile/snake scale print – which would also do but where could i find this? love it :) xx

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