Wearable Technologies Conference at ISPO Winter 09

wearable_technologies_ispo_09.jpgFor the third time the Wearable Technologies Conference 2009 as part of the ISPO Winter 09 will take place on February 2nd in Munich, Germany.

The focus of this years WT conference will be on Monitoring in Fitness, Sports and Health care, Power Supply in Wearable Technologies and Fashion and Sports design for Wearable Technologies.

One of the pioneering conference for wearable electronic it is designed to bridge the gab between the fashion and high-tech industry with the participation of experts from commerce, production and science, in particular from the fields of sports, fashion, electronics and consumer electronics.

The unique combination of having WT experts together with a broad range of industrialists and sport fashion brands will facilitate the dialog, expertise sharing and networking between the respective industries such as the electronics and communications industry , with the textile industry.

It shows in what way the combination of sports, fashion and lifestyle with current trends of the electronics industry can create an added value for clients and increase the turnover potential on both sides.

A remarkable event that kicks off the wearable electronic year packed with interesting conference speaker and on the exhibition floor a Wearable Technologies Show where companies will exhibit their latest creations in the field of interactive sport apparel.

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