Stay warm and electro-smog free with the mediaVEST

mediaVEST.jpgBaybox, a German company is working on the mediaVEST which should make life easier and safer for the gadget wielding reporter and bloggers during harsh outdoor conditions.

A couple of considerations go into the design of the mediaVEST: addressing the negative effect of freezing temperatures for the wearer and the multimedia device. Humans dent to slow down when getting very cold so the vest has textile heating elements from Novonic. Electronic gadgets like cell phones stop working reliable below zero degrees Celsius as well and need to be kept in cozy temperature that’s why Baybox added to the multimedia pocket a heating element to keep the device at a toasty temperature.

To address electronic smog some people fear is harmful to humans, the media pocket has radiation shielding textiles on the inner part blocking effectively close to 100% of the GPS/cell phone radiation from penetrating the body.

mediaWEAR.jpgTalking about GPS, the mediaVEST features a GPS antenna fixation located in the shoulder pad – a smart move as GPS is most happy if it gets undisturbed line of sight to the satellites overhead.

To round up the feature rich mediaVEST, it provides the electronic transmission infrastructure, specially designed cable fixation points for headphone and mic for cell phone.

Lastly, the mediaVEST is washable up to 30° Celsius (without the included rechargeable battery pack).

Sounds all very interesting and might be indeed a good option for ‘in the field’ reporters, police or other emergency personnel who are hooked up the whole day to communication/location devices and need to be sure those devices work under extreme conditions.

Question is: when will the mediaVEST be ready for prime-time = being available?


  1. Stopping electromagnetic field at high frequencies requires a complete Faraday cage. So, either you surround yourself with a sealed cage made of GOOD conductive fabric or there is no way you can get a good shielding efficiency. Just look at microwaves ovens, they are sealed boxes.

  2. Thanks for clarification. As a none expert in this field I had the ‘feeling’ this radiation protection sound too simple to really work but i couldn’t be sure if or if it doesn’t work as claimed. So we will better be careful in future if companies claim a radiation protection in a jacket pocket.

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