Electric Light Shoe – Onitsuka Tiger Sunotore 72

sunotore_72_glow_sneaker.jpgThe magic of light entered again our coverage, this time in form of an incredible looking sneaker, the Onitsuka Tiger Sunotore 72.

Japan’s Onitsuka Tiger has been around since 1949 and is specialized in the manufacturing of sports shoes using original ideas and applying innovative,  epoch-making techniques.

The Electric Tiger Sunotore 72 trainers have been release last summer but actually the basic but classy design is more suitable for the winter season.

The reason for us posting about it is the shoes ability to start glowing when it gets dark or when they are hit by UV light. This glow is designed into the shoe concepts and transforms the shoes light changing ability into something like changing from day to a evening wardrobe. There is no electricity involved in the color transformation, it is done by using neon fluorescent print on the shoes upper material.


As unique as this shoes style is as unique is the background story of this particular design: the print is a detailed illustration of the Tokyo skyline paying homage to the incredible ambiance and energy of Japan. The print incorporates distinctive elements such as Tokyo’s unmistakable skyline, vibrant neon signage, transport, night markets, and vending machines. The light-up technology gives life to this design philosophy. Another nice example how a bit of technology spices up fashion design.

Available in three color ways: black, red and white via a number of online retailers like this one for as low as $88.39

One thing is for sure: wearing this sneakers lights up the dull, dark winter days.


  1. Yeah..saw these when I was in Japan back in December but sadly they ran out of my size. Sick ass shoes though

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