DIY – remote controls with a soft touch

soft_remote_control.jpgThe background story of the first e-textile DIY project the ‘Senior Remote‘ is as lovely as the project itself of transforming a hard plastic TV remote control into a cute soft remote control.

Intructables user ‘unknownuser2007‘ wanted to make life easier for mom to navigate her TV as she does get confused with the countless functions and buttons of todays TV remote controls that look like a cockpit of an jet. For her, like for many others, the basic functions of on/off, channel hopping and volume are what is needed and used most of the time.

Taking a remote control apart and replace the hard plastic shell with textiles, using conductive fabrics for the switch design is a cute idea useful not only for senior citizen but for folks that love to have something unique.

Following the instructions makes it easy to give any remote control a soft touch. The ‘Senior Remote’ project adds a soft panel on top to the plastic remote control but it would be easy to take away the entire plastic shell and replace it with a soft, textile skin.

If you do this, make sure you give some protection to the electronic components on the remote PCB by sandwiching it between cardboard or EVA material salvaged from a CD pouch for example.

Another interesting and inspiring example of an soft remote control is the ‘Teddy Bear remote control‘ from Instructables user ‘leahculver‘. Interesting on the Teddy Bear remote control is the use of snaps serving as on/off switch, a neat and cute solution.

Check out both projects as they can serve as inspirational basis for creating your very own soft touch remote control that will certainly make more fun to use.

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