Chic and comfy warm – Burton’s Dream Jacket

Burton Heated-Dream-Jacket_1.jpgLooking to the extreme low temperatures in parts of US and Europe I was looking around for jackets that keep comfy warm in the most extreme temperatures and look cool/chic.

Heated clothing comes to my mind but many of the products on offer are kind of bleak and black. Burtons LTD Heated Dream Jacket for women is already for the second season in the market but still looks ‘refreshing’, charming and warming.

The Heated Dream Jacket comes with a battery-powered internal heater. Should you forget to recharge the batteries on those frigid January days, don’t despair, the slim-fit Heated Dream also comes stuffed with insulation in form of a 10K-rated waterproof fabric, taped seams, and powder skirt protect your base layers from getting damp.

The jacket has 3 settings: low at 85 degrees for 4+ hours, Medium at 98 degrees for 3 hours and toasty high at 110 for 2 hours. The battery pack is about 5x4x0.5 inch and takes about 5 hours to fully charge.

The price has gone down from last years introduction as well costing now $ $279.96 via this online store for example.

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