Neon Trim lights up your wardrobe

Neon_Trim.jpgWant to add some sparkle to your wardrobe, cushions or bags? Neon Trim has a wide selection of soft, flexible Neon wires for DIY enthusiasts to add light elements to clothing and more.

The site is full of information about how EL (Electroluminescent) wires work and how to use them. Getting the next rocking stage wear a la Duft Punk is easy to make yourself with the EL-kits on offer.

If you want to light up the dark days of this winter season checkout their
online store for some inspiration. Adding some light emitting elements to your outfit will greatly increase your visibility in the low light conditions, it’s easy to integrate and fun.

I like the cute light up shoelaces which are waterproof and resistant to slipping and pulling forces. They are sold ready for use but only a few pieces are left as Neon Trim has unfortunately discontinued this type of EL-wire.

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