O’Neill launched the NavJacket

H_Division_NavJacket.jpgWhat better, bigger start into the new wearable electronic year could there be as to announce the availability of the ‘king of interactive clothing’ the long awaited NavJacket from O’Neill.

The NavJacket is not only cool, it is uber cool as this sophisticated jacket comes with an sophisticated social networking tool that allows the uploading and sharing of your rides down the slopes on 420 European ski areas and on 180 skiing resorts in United States.

Check out the NavJacket online community as there are already some active members racing downhill and share their rides.

It’s like the Nike+ site for runner but even more interesting as you can show on Google Earth where you have been and leave your mark in form of ‘here is my favorite spot’ or ‘here I crashed terrible’ with the POI (point of interest) button on the jacket.


The navigation throughout a ski resort is as easy as checking your sleeve display and if you or your friend got lost, the friend-finder function brings you together again.

The price of the NavJacket is as sophisticated as the Jacket itself, €1,200.- ($1,635.-) but one needs to consider that this Jacket has an GPS unit, a LCD display in the sleeve and the e-textile keypad. Order your NavJacket online here.

The Keypad is cleverly design with the 2008/09 O’Neill signature shape of an ‘S’ shape making ‘bling’ navigation easier. On top of this, the NavJacket keypad has color coding for even easier navigation while racing down the hills.

Check out via this link the online simulation of the NavJackets navigation and other cool features.

The NavJacket is without any doubt the most sophisticated Interactive Jacket on the market and sets O’Neill far ahead of any competition in this winter season and I guess for a while longer.

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