Interactive Fashion year 2009

interactive_fashion.jpgWelcome back to talk2myShirt which is running on a new, bigger and faster server to serve you our dear reader in 2009 fully energized and ready to take on the opportunities and challenges of 2009.

Before looking into the wearable electronic crystal ball to check out what 2009 will have in the Interactive Fashion store let’s look back briefly what has and has not happened in the world of Interactive Fashion and Wearable Electronic in 2008.

Over the past 12 month we have seen an explosion on creativity in the field of wearable electronic. Student and designer creating pioneering works of interactive clothing, DIY enthusiasts publish instructions showing amazing simple but highly interesting techniques for e-textile creations and especially in the second half of 2008 a massive introduction of Interactive Clothing by top brands but also new labels dedicated to this fashion segment.

Solar bags, as we predicted last year, was a hot item in the accessory market coming in many designs and styles able to provide free energy to small, portable devices up to laptops.

Many types of heated clothing using advanced textiles which allow seamless integration of heating elements has been another fast growing area of e-textile applications.

A plus point from consumer perspective is the steep price drop we have seen in commercially available interactive clothing and bags.

On the downside in the interactive fashion world, commercially available products are still, like in the previous two years, mainly ‘made for iPod’ and/or only able to control portable devices like MP3 player or cell phones. This is not to say that such functionality is not needed, on the contrary, I believe this is a great feature in certain clothing styles and bags.

But I miss a bit more creativity on the design/integration of such control elements and I do miss more variations on interactive fashion designs.

Using technology in clothing does not necessarily mean it has to be a function that satisfy a need. Technology seamless integrated into clothing to enhance style, design or create emotional elements is what I miss because fashion and clothing is mainly emotion – isn’t it?

Please accompany us during our exploration of Interactive Fashion in 2009 as we start again posting on a daily basis about the happenings and developments around our favorite topic: wearable electronic.


  1. Good post. I was looking for the this kind of for the past couple of weeks. I will keep the attention of your post. Thanks and best wishes!

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