Quiksilver Last Mission Jacket – interactive winter fashion

Quiksilver_Last_Mission_Audio_Jacket.jpg Quiksilver launched their second interactive winter fashion line with the Last Mission Jacket that incorporate Fibretronic‘s CONNECTED-wear technology allowing to add any of the growing number of modules to control MP3 players, advanced iPod control or Bluetooth phones.

The Last Mission Jacket comes with the CONNECTED-wear AC2 Volume Controller Module and are compatible with any MP3 or audio player with a headphone port. The AC2 volume control module let you adjust quickly the volume of your player without the need to take is out of the pocket.

Besides the media managing technology, the Last Mission Jacket boasts taped seams, removable hood, interior goggle pocket, stretch powder skirt with loops for connecting jacket to Quiksilver snowboard pants and a mesh/taffeta lining.

Available in three styles/colors for men via this online store for $194.-

It’s refreshing to see again this season a growing number of interactive jackets for the winter season making simple tasks like music player control and phone calls convenient while outdoors and concentrated on action sports or just strolling around town.

Refreshing also to see wearable technology integrated not only in high end, high priced clothing but in more reasonable priced items as well taking away the myth that this kind of technology is too expensive to be available in mid range products.

Mission accomplished by Quiksilver, a funky, hip jacket for the connected people with an action rich lifestyle.


  1. where could i buy the multi-colored checkered jacket? do you sell them, if not can you help with it?

  2. Hei! Vil gjerne selge min flerfargede jakke. Den er kun så vidt brukt, og prislappen er fortsatt på. Si ifra hvis du er interessert!

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