DIY – Textile battery holder

e_textile_battery_holder.jpgAniomagic, creator of many cute e-textile components seems has taken up my remark in one of my posts about the cute little battery holder and included into their online store for e-textile DIY enthusiasts.

Unlike the other components Aniomagic is selling on their online store, the cute battery holders need to be assembled by yourself but you can buy by Aniomagic all the required material for $5.- per holder.

The selection of shapes and colors can be made online to see what it looks like you will build later on – cool idea as well.

Next to the decorative/enclosure felt two patches of conductive textiles are supplied as well which form the plus and minus connection for the battery.

Iron the pieces together (via the adhesive tape) and sew the star/heart/butterfly/flower shaped battery holder into your next e-textile design. Aniomagic provides a detailed instruction on how to build the cute battery holder.


If you have access to the felt and conductive fabric (for example from LessEMF) you can cut your own shapes and follow the instructions above.

Cute concept – easy to make.

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