iGlove technology – PlayPoint

iPhone_gloves.jpgKeeping warm fingers while outdoors during the frosty winter days requires often to wear gloves. But old fashion gloves turn out to be a problem for gadget welding folks: any and every touch surface operated device like the iPod Touch or the iPhone to name the most prominent ones can not be operated with gloved finders.

Sure, one can take off the glove to pick up a call or change the playlist but that seems not very user friendly. Another option is to cut off the tip of the finger or thumb put that makes the use of gloves questionable.

To get the best out of it, keeping your finger swarm and still being able to use touch screens, Tavo invented the PlayPoint technology that gives conductivity by using conductive yarns in the finger tips and thumb area allowing you to play around with your gadgets without the need to expose your sensitive fingers to the cold elements.

A Cool-hot idea that does not break your bank as the Tavo Gloves cost only $39.- at this online store for example. As bonus, the Tavo Gloves have a silicone texture for enhanced grip and control so you won’t slip your costly gadget easily.

I am curious when a heated glove with PlayPoint technology will make it to the market to keep my fingers toasty warm in the next couple of weeks.

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