Solar Buddy from Sakku

Sakku_Buddy_Solar_bag.jpgHeated clothing is a hot item in our coverage at the moment especially helpful in the northern parts of the world but we should not forget another hot item – solar charging bags – useful and practical in the warmer regions of the world and of course useful as well during sunny winter times as solar panels work with the light rays of the sun and not the heat.

A while back Sakku launched the Solar Buddy range of unique eco-chick solar bags in Europe but the US online store did not carry them until now. Just in time for last minute Christmas shopping the Solar Buddies arrived, ready to be picked up by Sakku.

The Solar Buddy range which won many awards for its uniqueness of using recycled materials like umbrellas and sun covers used to get some shade on patios and the fact that Sakku is making them with traditional Swiss quality workmanship

As the bags material is of recycled material, each bag has slightly different patterns making it a one-off unique item.


Available in two different variants, the ‘akku’ (price $393.-) which stores the solar generated power in the bags battery for later use and the ‘direct’ (price $289.-) model that charges your gadgets as you go through the sunny days of life.

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these actually look quite nice. better than some of the awful contraptions you normally wouldn’t be seen dead wearing…

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