Sharper Image Sound Bag

SoundBag_Sharper_Image.jpgSharper Image made headlines earlier this year by announcing the closure of their stores and reinvent them as a ‘brand’ rather than a retailer, leveraging the familiarity of its name to market products via retail partners.

One of their first products is the SoundBag, a top-of-the-line backpack ‘designed to transform the listening experience for commuters, travelers and digital music lovers’.

Portable audio devices connect via the standard 3.5mm earphone connector to the SoundBag. The player pocket has a transparent window and is located in the shoulder strap making the control of the player easy accessible.

A practical placement and better than having to hold a player or taking it out of the bag although for a quick change of tunes but a soft keypad in the shoulder strap would be cooler.

The flat panel speaker module contains also the audio part and battery holder and is detachable allowing the use of the speaker system as standalone solution when a quick audio presentation or party is coming up. The three AA batteries that drive the speaker offer around 8-10 hours of playback – good enough for almost a day of presenting or partying.

A word of caution: I haven’t tested this particular SoundBag but from comparable products tested before, I know that the soft, flat speaker technology is not able to produce low frequencies that give the ‘boom’ conventional boom-box are able to produce. Keep in mind this SoundBag like the other sound bags on the market will not give groovy party sound but decent enough for ‘in between’ listening.

The Sharper Image Sound Bag retails for $99.- in the colors black, blue and pink and is available for example by Macy’s online shop or other major retailers in the US.


  1. I love this sound bag. I wasn’t expecting this bag to blow windows away, but it did blow me away. The sound is great and being able to detach the speakers was a big plus. The bag as a whole has great construction with a lot pockets and even one for a laptop. I can’t for the summer time so can it to the beach or the park when I play ball. I got th bag for 80 at Mach’s. Get it.

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