Living textiles – Tornado Dress

Tornado_Dress.jpgTaking the theme of Nebraska storm-chaser Mike Hollingshead to print one of his dynamic Tornado photos on a dress’ fabric, spice it up with e-textile magic and you get a gorgeous looking, interactive Tornado Dress.

Created by subTela studio, the Tornado Dress’ lining has been embroidered with conductive threads and electronic components including super-bright white LEDs. Three small photocells are stitched to the outside of the dress to detect ambient light.

Depending on the quantity of light that is sensed, different flashing patterns are triggered in the LED display, reminiscent of lightning effects that occur during the buildup of Tornado’s or other severe weather situations.

The Tornado Dress, unfortunately only a concept model, is a beautiful example how traditional textile printing for clothing can become an active style element by adding some technology compared to the static appearance of traditional textile printing without e-textile technology.

Follow this link to watch a video clip with the Tornado (Dress) in action.

[via: Fashioning Technology]

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