Inspirational DIY e-textile sewing – wearable musical interfaces

Wearable_musical_interfaces.jpgThis Saturday Zurich / Switzerland will see Hannah Perner Wilson and Mika Satomi unfolding their experience in creating interactive clothing during the workshop ‘Sew your own wearable musical interface’  which is part of the event ‘diy* —  Art and Technology Festival‘ .

As appetizer for workshop participants Hannah and Mika published the project details of this workshop on their Instructables sites.

Two equally interesting and inspiring instructions on how to create, with simplest materials and tools, cute and functional e-textile interfaces which not only can be used to play a piano on a shirt but open up the creative gate to other applications you might have in mind.

The value of these instructions is the demonstration on how to connect electronic elements to textiles and how to integrate an electronic infrastructure into textiles to connect to different components. These two examples demonstrate nicely how function like conductive lines can serve as aesthetic element to create beautiful patterns and ornaments.

Basically there are two choices one has to make when fusing technology and clothing: either hide the technology or make a style element out of it. Both ways have their advantage and it is up to the design and designer which option works best for a particular garment.

For all our reader who can/could not make it to the workshop in Zurich today click over to the Instructables of Hannah and Mika and let you inspire by their instructions. I am sure that both ladies will be more than happy to answer any question to these projects via the comments on the Instructables sites.

The complete workshop description and photos from the workshop afterwards can be found on

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