Timeless Solar power – Fusion Canvas Messenger Bag


Eclipse Solar Gear recently spiced up their solar bag collection with the Fusion Canvas Messenger Bag featuring a light-weight, flexible, integrated solar charging module in the front flab of the bag.

Using a common 12V automotive charging adapter (car cigarette lighter) allows the connection and charging of many different brands of personal gadgets which have this adapter in their accessory portfolio.

The solar panel has the capability to provide up to 2.5 watts of power by full sun light which is enough to charge almost any of the portable devices on the market but it’s not enough to charge a notebook.

Nevertheless, getting some free recharge all year round from a bag is cool and does give some peace of mind when it comes to contribute to environment protection.

The bag is made of durable 1680D, 800D nylons and recycled materials as well as natural heavy canvas with leather trim. Eclipse Solar Gear is selling the FusionĀ® Canvas Messenger Bag for $249.95 as holiday special.

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