Explore Playlist iPod Jacket

Playlist_iPod_Jacket.jpg‘Made for the iPod’ and ‘works with iPhone’, O’Neill‘s H-Division Explore Playlist iPod Jacket will be the hit this winter.

Cool cut with stylish look, O’Neill did a bit of a re-design of the otherwise always straight line of iPod controls in interactive jackets.

The O’Neill Explore Playlist has a number of features in it’s construction to ensure the wearer and the iPod/iPhone remains comfortable, warm and dry.

The Explore Playlist jacket is designed to fully incorporate your playlist featuring a specific pocket for the iPod.

The jacket connects directly to the iPod or iPhone making the control of the iPod’s / iPhone’s main function on the upper arm convenient and uique.

With the design of the Explore Playlist jacket O’Neill once again demonstrates their dedication and experience for designing interactive clothing. Their pioneering creativity sets new directions for interactive fashion design.

playlist_iPod_jacket_detail.jpgO’Neill’s H-Division interactive apparel team released for the 2008/09 season revolutionary products like the GPS Navigation Jacket or the Audio Hoodies, one of the first commercial apparels with integrated speakers.

The Explore Playlist jacket is (finally) moving the usually on the sleeve located control buttons a bit around and rearranging the button layout.

Much more could be done on the design side to spice up the textile controls to make them more sexy or at least stylish but at least we see some evolution in the design of the Explore Playlist jacket.

Available for £190.85 ($278.90) via this online store.

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