DIY – Weaving circuits with LEDs

e_textile_LED_weaving.jpgInstructables member Lynne Bruning has published quite a nice selection of inspiring e-textile projects providing a source of techniques for aspiring interactive fashion designer.

Weaving circuits with LEDs is another example of her creative skills showing a way how to use weaving technique and feeding e-textile LEDs into the weave to create a very reliable fixation of very small LED components into a woven patch of fabric which could ultimately be used as a simple textile display.

e-textile LEDs like the LED sequins Leah Buechley designed are perfect for this type of attachment of electronic components onto textiles during the weaving process. It’s a complete, unobtrusive integration of electronic components into fabrics allowing to ‘produce’ larger fabric batches that can be cut to sizes as needed without loosing their e-textile functionality.

I am looking forward to the day when one can go to the shop and order a few yards of illumination fabric for that special dress.


Check out the detailed instruction from Lynne Bruning on Instructables, a highly interesting technique that can open a wide area of exploration into e-textile fabrication.

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