Heated Glove Liners with a twist

activheat_glove_liner.jpgHeating apparel have seen a big boost over the past 2-3 years with every year more companies come up with new solutions to take out the pain felt when outdoors for prolonged time in cold weather.

e-Textile advancements in this field enable clothing designer to integrate heating elements in textiles making them un-feelable and invisible even fashionable as we have posted only a few days ago.

ActiVHeat has come up with battery heated glove liners keeping the fingers comfy warm while allowing to use any of your preferred out glove to match your outfit and taste.

heated_glove_liner_system.jpgThe twist of ActiVHeat’s solution is to offer the option to take away the batteries usually placed around the wrist area and thus limit a bit the movement of your hand and store the power pack somewhere more comfortable to wear ion the body.

The cable management is done in the clothing with the glove liners connected via a plug coming out of the sleeve to the main power pack. This solution has also the advantage that only one power pack/battery has to be taken care off.

ActiVHeat is using heating textiles which contain bundles of soft carbon microfibers to actively keep your hands toasty. The invisible heating elements extend all the way down the sides of each finger. The low-power heat is gentle and safe and adjustable to three levels.

Simple but brilliant idea and everyone being sensitive to cold fingers (like me) will highly appreciate the sleek solution.

Coming for a moderate price of $69.95 and no, I am not adding our tag-line: ‘staying warm is priceless’ …. oops I did it again.


  1. These gloves do work, but the battery packs are very poorly made and both broke the first time I wore them.
    Customer service at Activeheat is terrible. Save your money and time.

  2. BEWARE OF ACTIVWEAR…NO REFUND UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES..The activheat company does not offer a refund on ANY of their products…if you don’t like the product you ordered TOO BAD…they only accept an exchange for size and you have a limited window in which to respond…to top it off, the postage is paid by you…be aware of this policy…I learned the hard way…. when I finally talked with someone of authority I was told to forget a refund…very strange for a company that wants to have a satisfied customer..Call them if you don’t believe me…

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