Sew your own wearable musical interface

do_it_together_festival.jpgThe event ‘diy* —  Art and Technology Festival‘ read: ‘do it together, the culture of collaborative art-making’ will host a workshop on Electronic Textiles to develop wearable musical interfaces.

Hannah Perner­ Wilson and Mika Satomi will introduce workshop participants into the magic of e-textiles and the DIY concept of wearable technology.

Starting point for the workshop is to take apart cheap electronic musical toys and transform them with the help of e-textile technologies into soft, wearable objects.

To kick-start the creativity of workshop participants, easy to follow circuit patterns will be provided with an introduction on how to transfer those e-textile circuits onto T-Shirts or any other clothing the participants bring with them.

Having Hannah Perner ­Wilson and Mika Satomi as instructors and facilitators on board to guide the workshop participants through the journey of e-textile creations is almost a guaranty the workshop will sparkle with creativity and productivity.

The ‘Sew your own wearable musical interface’ workshop is part of the diy* festival organized by the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society which takes place between Dec 5-7, 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland.

The Electronic Textile workshop will be held on Dec 6th so if you live in our around Zurich or you can manage to go there on Dec. 6 you will be in for an interesting afternoon exploring e-textiles in the context of making wearable musical interfaces.

We invite workshop participants to show their creation on our blog. Just drop me a line under ‘eric at talk2myshirt dot com’ and we will contact you.

[via: Media Arts Eduction]

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