Fashionable heating jackets from Polartec

Polartec_heated_clothing_women.jpgHeated clothing is hot in demand this time of the year but so far, heated clothing could not be really classified as fashionable, okay looking but fashion and fit was second to function = keeping warm.

Polartec® is putting the fashion element of heated clothing on an equal level with function.

Their newest line of Polartec® Heat® Vests and Jackets pay attention to design needs of style and form for women, as almost all heated products on the market target men with little styling or fit for women’s figures.

Polartec’s heat panels are made of advanced conductive fabric which is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, warming the Heat® fabric up to keep you comfy even during the harshest and coldest days.

A wireless remote control turns the system on and off or changes the heat levels without reaching inside the garment. The battery pack has been designed and located on the body with ergonomics in mind – it will not interfere with wearing comfort and movement.

The Heat® system is designed as a luxury system with extra features to make the jackets/vests as comfortable and unobtrusive as possible. But this does not mean the vests and jackets have a luxury price tag. The jackets go for $199.- and the vests for $169.- a small amount for staying warm and staying warm during the cold days is ….. priceless.

Polartec is offering the fashionable heated clothing line for women and men in limited quantities as introduction for this Christmas season in US and Canada. Availability of the fashionable heated garments in other continents and countries is planned for 2009.

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