Glacial Jacket with ‘Gesture Control’ from Spyder

spider_glacial.jpg Spider added to the Wearable Electronic race their second product in this field by introducing the Glacial Jacket in the 06/07 range.

What makes the Glacier Jacket standing out is the “Gesture Control” that allows the adjustmect of the volume on the iPod or any other MP3 player via a touch-sensitive pad on the upper left sleeve with a brush or tap of your gloved hand.

Spyder’s Glacial Jacket has a unique touch-sensitive pad instead of the more common ‘push’ keypad. You control the volume on any MP3 player through gesture control: an upward-stroke motion over the pad increases volume, downward swipe decreases the volume. Simply tapping the mute area turns the music off or on respectively.

We like that! Something different, cool to use and to be honest, stroking (gently) is a better treatment for your body than pushing (or pinching) it – right?!


We couldn’t find any hints on who is providing Spyder with the gesture control technology but it very much looks like that no other than Eleksen is behind this ‘Gesture Control’. If you know more about this gesture control, drop us a line in the comments – we appreciate your help on that.

The Glacial comes in many different colors and costs $550,-. A very moderate price for a Spider Jacket and the Glacial Jacket is one of a hell good looking Jacket. 550.- bucks is much more affordable than Spyder’s first Wearable Electronic Jacket last season.


You can order the Glacial Jacket on


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