Interactive Fashion from Korea

interactive_women_fashion.jpgKorean fashion designer Kim Jin Hyung created a line of interactive clothing especially for women. Up to now most of the ready-to-wear interactive fashion designs have been targeted towards the male audience with some styles ‘transformed’ to women’s styles with rather simple cuts.

Kim Jin Hyung designed specifically for women’s body form, aesthetically, sexy with soft materials allowing to flow around the body’s shape.

QIO‘s e-textile 6-button control pad makes it possible to use soft, flowing fabrics for interactive clothing as the e-textile blends seamlessly into the clothing’s fabric.

Beaucre a Korean corporation of women’s young casual wear which operate 3 brands: ON&ON, W.DoubleuDot and Olive Des Olive with 250 stores in Korea and China launched the collection of Kim Jin Hyung’s iPod enabled clothing.

The coats and jacket come with with QIO`s controller for iPod but the interactive clothing is ready to support any of QIO`s modules like Bluetooth, MP3 player and more.


The interactive clothing line from Beaucre is selling at this moment in Korea and China only but there is hope that Beaucre will find partners internationally bringing the gorgeous looking interactive women’s fashion to the rest of the world soon.

The fabulous looking coat in our first image is available online and goes for a more than reasonable Korean Won 278,600.- ($191.20)

Below is a video showing the interactive coat as part of a fashion show from Beaucre.

Apparel companies are expanding their interactive fashion collection in the 2008/09 season with more styles and colors reaching with the interactive fashion collection for women another milestone for technology enhanced clothing. It nicely shows in a very beautiful way that technology and clothing can be arranged, packed, designed to look …. gorgeous.

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