Feel the nature – Wearable Forest

Wearable_Forest_Dress.jpgWearable Forest, created by Ryoko Ueoka, Hiroki Kobayashi and Michitaka Hirose from the University of Tokyo, a dress that interacts bio-acoustically with a remote forest.

The dress interacts with the distant wildlife that could be at any place in the world through a wireless link to the internet streaming real time sounds to the dress.

The Wearable Forest dress visualizes the received sounds via embedded LED lights drawing different light patterns onto the dress. Embedded speakers give an additional audible dimension to the Wearable Forrest dress.

The interaction of the dress with the environment gives users an opportunity to feel at one with nature, even while in the midst of a city. The interactive sound system creates a sense of unity between users and a remote soundscape.

Below is a highly informative video Ryoko Ueoka and Hiroki Kobayashi gave Artfuture during a tour through their collaborative and highly interactive Wearable Forest project in SIGGRAPH 2008‘s Slow Art gallery.

The Wearable Forest project demonstrates the potential and possibility embedding technology into clothing could create: a completely new dimension how clothing design, in particular colors and fabric pattern can interact, react and merge with the environment.

Soft technologies that enable the interaction between clothing and environment give fashion designer additional options for their creations that go far beyond the static designs used since humanity started covering up with textiles. Environmental interaction is unpredictable, is adding the element of surprise and dynamic, elements that are more natural as static and permanent.

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